Letter - Paul 5-25-24

Posted 5/25/24

Writer questions property taxes in state

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Letter - Paul 5-25-24


To the Editor:

Pierre.... We have a problem.

Seriously. It’s a problem affecting everyone. The rapid escalation in property valuations has reached epic levels.

Whether an after effect of COVID or unintended consequences of the “Free South Dakota” campaign; valuations have increased by double ( sometimes triple) digits since 2020/2021.

My own valuations have increased 117% since 2020.

Valuation on the land around our home has increased 299.6%. Reviewing your own past notices may show similar results. Since our legislature seems reluctant to act, we may need to “encourage” them to find an answer.

SB167 was a proposal last session that would have rolled valuation assessments back to2020/2021 levels.It then imposed a limit of a 3% increase per year on assessments.

Sounded helpful, right? SB167 went from committee to a floor vote the very next day and was defeated by a vote of 20-11. How’d your senator vote?

Valuations determine our property taxes. We all pay property taxes even if we only rent. Elderly on Fixed Incomes (EFI) and others can’t continue to pay these huge increases. Is the choice going to be “ sell out” or get foreclosed out for taxes?

If you’re unhappy with these choices (as I am), contact your representatives and tell them ( they work for us remember) that we need help.

Now! We need to have a proposal like SB167 to pass.
You know, we can complain about the weather, and about property taxes. The difference?

You can’t change the weather!!

Robert Paul 
Hot Springs