Letter - Schmidt 6-10-24

Posted 6/10/24

Writer examines responses to D-Day celebrations

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Letter - Schmidt 6-10-24


To the Editor:

I write this on the 80th anniversary of “D-Day,” where allied troops invaded France to set them free of the global tyrant Adolf Hitler. A total of 4,414 allied troops were lost, with 2,501 of them being American soldiers. We should honor them for their ultimate sacrifice as our President Joe Biden did in his speech in France today.

This was the beginning of freedom for millions of European people. I have written before about what our former ex-president the “Trumpster” called these fallen heroes - “ loser’s and suckers.” Is this the leader that our country wants? If so, God Help Us!

He has already called for America to have a “unified Reich” echoing sounds of Hitler. We also know of his passion for Putin.

Another item on my mind is what if they find Hunter Biden guilty of the weapons charge? Well, I will accept their verdict, as he was judged in court by jurors chosen by the attorneys for the defense and prosecution. The judge is also a Trump appointee. I will not call the trial “rigged” nor the judge “biased” as was voiced the guilty verdict for the 34 felony counts against the “Trumpster” by his followers.

Our friend Mr. Busch on June 1 claimed that I was misinforming readers that Hunter Biden didn’t pay his $1.4 million in back taxes as I have stated many times that he had.

Well, let’s check it out.

After Hunter got himself clean, a man loaned Hunter at least $4.6 million so he paid his overdue back taxes, and voluntarily paid the IRS penalties, and interest. He paid $462,754 in taxes for year 2016, $710,598 for 2017, and $659,366 for 2018. For a total of $1,832,718.

I’d say he paid his taxes.

Let’s tell the truth!

Don Schmidt