Letter - Schmidt 9-1-23

Posted 9/1/23

Writer questions sources for information that many are utilizing

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Letter - Schmidt 9-1-23


To the Editor:

I don’t get it. I just can’t figure it out, how half of America has gone plum loco!

I keep reading articles from people who think Mr. Trump, who tried to overthrow the 2020 election by inciting a riot on the day the Electoral College was to ratify the election, is somehow being mistreated by taking him to trial.

I don’t understand how someone can keep 33 boxes of classified information unguarded at your home, and occasionally show them to guests, should not be held accountable.

I don’t understand how a president can try to persuade a Secretary of State to find thousands of votes that didn’t exist - also harassing an election worker - and try to install his appointed “electors” to oversee the results of a state election that he lost. Still people are thinking this narcissist should be our President again. What are you thinking?

Why is it then that so many think that President Joe Biden is so evil? I don’t know other than he’s Hunter Biden’s father. Is that a crime? No, so why are so many calling him corrupt?

Who has 91 state and federal charges against him? Trump, and who has zero? President Biden.

Why are they calling him a dictator, when Trump was the one who tried to overthrow the government to stay in power? Who is the want-to-be dictator who admires Vladimir Putin? Trump!

I’m sorry that this month I’m coming down more like a sledge hammer, and with not as much of a sense of humor, but the baseless commentary from our friends on the right led me to it.

Please folks, use reputable sources of information to gather your information.

Don Schmidt