Letter - Williams 3-1-24


To the Editor:

Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament, he doesn’t have foreign policy knowledge and he continues to come after powerful Black women, only to be emasculated because they scare him. He is insisting that the civil trials are interfering with his campaigning.

He doesn’t have to be in court; it’s not required. It’s better optics if he can continue to lie. He doesn’t show contrition or remorse.

What’s shocking is there is a long list of people willing to kiss the ring and declare that he is the best thing for the country and they owe their fealty to him.

He doesn’t care if Putin invades NATO countries, which he feels are underpaying, so he will give a thug carte blanche. He encourages it. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Trump said it was genius.

The most conservative border bill in history was rejected because Trump said he needed something to campaign on. Stop crying about the border - it’s not a political football and insisting that immigrants are bringing deadly drugs across, when in fact, most illegal drugs are transported by American citizens.

You have to speak truth to lies. The zealots who live in MAGA-donia will continue to spew hate and disinformation. Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Flowers, thank you.

A junior representative is in a leadership role in the House because of infighting. Trump insinuated a do not pass a funding bill for Ukraine - which is the world’s first line of defense.

Needless to say, that funding got no traction. Insane and irresponsible.

Willie Williams