Letter - Williams 4-1-24


To the Editor:

I have been very fortunate, to have transported some of our young musicians, currently involved in the music programs in the Huron School District, to upcoming events twice in March.

These are amazing young people, who need the support of the community.

Usually, if schools are facing budget deficit problems, the first cuts are in the arts. It’s been proven that music education helps with problem solving and we also become better thinkers.

It improves cognitive skills. Audation takes place when one comprehends music for which the sound is not physically present.

It helps the brain stay engaged throughout the aging process.

Every civilization has enjoyed its music.

It’s like cutting out a part of human history in the absence of music. It helps bring a rhythm to life - no pun intended. You can go travel from Italy to Spain, to American bluegrass, all in the confines of a single room.

These young musicians aspire to be better students. That’s all we need to ask of our young people.

They inspire us to be better human beings.

Willie Williams