Letter - Williams 5-15-23

Posted 5/15/23

Writer calls for further investigations into Trump

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Letter - Williams 5-15-23


To the Editor:

With the conviction of the leaders of The Proud Boys for seditious conspiracy. the federal government is saying that The Proud Boys are a terrorist cell, demonstrating that Donald Trump was deeply ingrained with a domestic terrorist group.

Remember “Stand back; Stand by?”

In spite of their arrests and convictions, The Proud Boys are going forth with their agenda. Showing up at abortion clinics, etc. The only difference is, they are not taking their cues from Trump.

It will be interesting to see how the DOJ prosecutes these charges without the clock running out on the time to prosecute.

Twelve people agreed with the District Attorney’s office, that hush money was used to cover up crimes. Not once, not twice, but 34 times he broke the law. And that’s just in New York.

Trump University closed because of scams and fraudulent activities. There is a pattern of behavior.

New York is arguably the financial capitol of the world. What precedent does that set for all lending institutions? If it’s a witch hunt, where are you supposed to hunt them? You hunt them where they are.

If these charges lead to more charges, Congress has an obligation to investigate. Crimes don’t carry a party affiliation.

Four years, one verdict, two impeachments, countless indictments and an insurrection later. Teflon Don is not a victim.

Willie Williams