Letter - Williams 5-4-24

Posted 5/4/24

Writer questions motives behind passenger rail votes

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Letter - Williams 5-4-24


To the Editor:

Passenger rail service could possibly come to South Dakota, thanks to the infrastructure bill’s passage. Right now, South Dakota and Wyoming are the only states without passenger rail service. As South Dakota relies heavily on tourism, what better way to boost tourism than making travel more accessible?

There was a big outcry before the bill was passed. We need to stop listening to the so-called experts and rely more on common sense. Republicans didn’t want to work with Democrats on the issue and the loudest voices are the ones who are now patting themselves on the back.

Initially, they said it’s a Democrat’s idea, so they would not reach across the aisle. That’s the whole idea behind government. We trust them to make good decisions and be good stewards of our tax dollars. They need to stop playing partisan politics.

The governor of South Dakota admitted to killing her young dog, because it was aggressive. That’s more of a character flaw. She should be lying on someone’s couch. She tried to justify it by saying she also had to put down three horses.

You develop a relationship with your local veterinarian and they will perform that service for you, for a minimal fee.

Right wingers tend to live in a fantasy narrative; they can’t live in reality and relate to the world as it really is. Pick up a phone, call your vet. Don’t write about it in a book.

Veterinarians perform these services so the rest of us don’t act out in cruelty. Not normal.

Willie Williams