Letter - Williams 9-16-23

Posted 9/16/23

Writer questions Gov Noem endorsement

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Letter - Williams 9-16-23


To the Editor:

Recently, Governor Kristi Noem wholeheartedly approved of former president Donald Trump’s visit to South Dakota, and vowed to support him if he is the Republican nominee for president in 2024. She also backhandedly accused our other representatives of being afraid, because they didn’t show up to support Trump.

By the time the next election is held, Trump could be a convicted felon. A second term would be extremely challenging to the rule of law. Trump incessantly denied that he lost the last election, while the courts were busy throwing out his made-up claims. He also claims that Joe Biden has weaponized the DOJ.

What we are witnessing is accountability. Words matter. After the 2020 election, approximately 28% of Republicans believed the election was fair.

And that same governor, who invited a snake into our lives, will go off the deep end over a gay pride flag, while preaching about love and inclusion. You knew he was a snake before you invited him in. Now he has found another den of vipers.

In the 21st century, there were only two groups to attack the United States Capitol: al qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden, on Sept. 11, 2001, and those involved in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack, led by Donald Trump. And only the Jan. 6 attackers did damage to the U.S. Capitol.

Willie Williams