School board hears enrollment trends, facility projects


HURON — Dr. Kraig Steinhoff presented the facility planning report to the Huron School Board at its Tuesday evening meeting, stating the Huron School District completed the district-wide facilities and the five-year enrollment trend studies.

JLG Architects reported its findings at the Aug. 28 Board of Education meeting, and RSP reported its findings at the Sept. 11 meeting.

The Huron School District has utilized the information to draft short-term (0-5 years), mid-term (5-10 years), and long-term (10-plus years) facility projects.

JLG will present high-level quotes for the potential short-term projects at the next board meeting on Oct. 23. The potential short-term projects include renovations at McKinley Learning Center, renovations at Huron High School, addition and renovation at Huron Career and Technology Center, roof replacement at Huron Middle School, partial roof replacement at Huron High School and scoreboards at Huron Arena and Tiger Stadium.

After JLG’s presentation the board will discuss phasing the projects and the potential need for a K.I.D.S. 2.0 Committee at the Nov. 13 board meetingm and then, if needed begin forming a K.I.D.S. 2.0 Committee.

Business manager Kelly Christopherson gave an update with the tennis court expansion.

“This project as we know is being on schedule,” he stated, with some concrete still needing to be poured between the courts.

Christopherson said that the final pouring is happening Wednesday and that the roofs for the shelters arrived but they were the wrong color so they had to be sent back to the factory in Michigan.

The track project is also moving forward.

“We have the rubber surface completed, which was completed on Monday evening about midnight, so all the rubber is in place. Now we have to wait for the rubber to cure, which is at least a five-day waiting period before any of the lines can be painted,” said Christopherson.

He noted that most of the projects will be substantially complete by the end of October, with walk throughs to take place with the engineers to see if anything were to be corrected.

Christopherson added that the football team will be able to play the final regular season home game Friday night at Tiger Stadium.

Approved by the board was a $25,000 grant for Huron School Nutrition to purchase food service equipment, as well as approving grant funding application for CTE for up to $1 million for more work base learning — working with Lake Area Tech and Mitchell Tech providing two instructors for two different classes and a phase implementation, equipment for power sports, precision Ag and machine tool technology, and scholarships for every student to participate in dual credit classes.

The board approved a tennis court project change order for $6,858, for putting together additional spectator bleachers, a track project change order for $17,166.77.

Christopherson noted that when the asphalt surface was removed there were a lot more repairs and cracks to repair that what was anticipated. The change order included asphalt repairs done, micro grinding asphalt using a finer blade, which makes a smooth and level surface. Rubber was then placed down on top of the surface.

The next school board meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the IPC room on second floor of Huron Arena. The public is encouraged to attend.