School board votes to suspend student


HURON — The Huron Board of Education met in special session Wednesday evening, to take up the question of possible discipline of a student.

After a half-hour executive session, at which Superintendent Dr. Kraig Steinhoff testified before the board, the board reconvened and voted unanimously to approve Steinhoff’s recommendation and suspend the student for 90 school days, beginning Oct. 11.

The motion approved stated that the board was suspending the student for making threats involving a weapon, threats without a weapon, insubordination, disruptive behavior, vandalism, fighting, harassment and intimidation.

School district attorney Rodney Freeman declined to name the student, or to confirm whether the action involved a male or female.

Freeman and the board did confirm that Wednesday’s action was not related to action taken at a similar meeting Nov. 20, involving a school district employee.

No other details were available from either meeting.