School notes 1-25-23


HHS band

Students had a busy first semester in the high school band world. They had a successful marching band season, finishing up in October, and have since then transitioned smoothly into concert band season. They presented their Holiday Extravaganza high school music concert in December at the high school this year, with a meal and entertainment before the concert and the full high school music department performing.

Since Jan. 4, students have been back in full swing with things for this spring semester. HHS will have 26 students audition for All State Band in Pierre, they have been getting music ready for Solo and Ensemble contest in February, and they are starting their music for a spring concert on March 14. They will have a Pop, Popcorn, and Jazz concert on March 20 in the high school commons, and they will finish out our school year with one final 5-12 band concert scheduled for early May.

Submitted by James Stueckrath
HHS Band Director