School notes 2-28-24


Buchanan K-1 Center
Through the hallways children in grades K-1 enter the classrooms of four teachers, who eagerly await the students to work with them. 

Mrs. Ziegenbein, Mrs. Jungemann, Mr. Savery, and Miss Binger are constantly searching for creative ways to aid in bridging the gap of understanding by using creative teaching styles layered with consistent support.  Wonderful para support helps students get the support they need. 

The teachers use many tools to teach from learning letters and sounds, cvc words, sight words, addition, subtraction etc.  One of the new tools piloted within the special education department within the district, that works on consistency utilizes familiar music with repetitive content is a program called “Let’s Go Learn.” 

“Let’s Go Learn” has been used to help students build skills.  The Huron School District has offered the teachers training sessions to utilize the features of this program so that students and teachers can see the benefits of using this program as a tool to help students be successful. 

It is very important that repetitive skills are taught and for students to see their progress.  The day usually ends with a student getting rewarded for success by the program with a bronze, gold, or silver certificate and teacher praise.  The student leaves the classroom to walk back down the decorated hall to their classroom after experiencing success in their education.

Submitted by Miss Binger, Mrs. Jungemann, Mr. Savery and Mrs. Ziegenbein

Huron High School
The ESL students at Huron High School have recently completed the annual ACCESS testing. This is a four-part test assessing the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of English learners. It requires ample concentration and effort by students and provides a challenge to even the most advanced English learners.

Throughout the third quarter, students in ESL Emerging and ESL Developing classes are selecting and reading books of their choice from a digital book website called myON. They can search for books matching their reading level in a variety of genres. As the quarter wraps up, they will share about their favorite fiction and nonfiction books.

The ESL Developing class is also starting a group-based project examining individuals and organizations that promote peace in the world. After reading about the history of the Nobel Peace Prize and notable past recipients, students will propose deserving new candidates who are making a difference in the world. Classmates will listen to each group’s justifications and make a final overall selection.

Submitted by ESL teacher Amy Kaufman

Huron Middle School
• The majority of seventh graders are currently working on their geometry unit. They are mastering many concepts including circumference, area of composite figures, surface area, and volume.

After this unit, they will move on to the final two units of the year, covering Statistics and Probability.

The seventh graders in accelerated classes are diligently working through both the seventh- and eighth-grade books. They had 28 modules to work through at the beginning of this year and are well into the last half as they continue to switch back and forth between the books, working to match up concepts as best as possible.

They are very proud of all the students for all their hard work so far this year and are expecting a strong finish in these last months!

Submitted by HMS math teachers Brice Anderson and Claire Gilbert

• Ms Branaugh’s classroom has been busy this year in seventh and eighth grade math.  Students in seventh grade recently completed a unit on solving one and two step equations and one and two step inequalities. Students were able to demonstrate knowledge by graphing the inequalities to find out possible solutions. They are currently entering the first chapters on geometry. 

Eighth grade math students completed recent chapters on solving equations with variables on both sides and a chapter on functions. The students have also spent considerable time on chapters dealing with slope and graphing slope. They will continue the year by solving systems of equations and working on the Pythagorean Theorem. 

Submitted by Leah Branaugh, seventh- and eighth-grade math teacher