South Dakota State Fairgrounds announces renaming of two buildings


HURON — The South Dakota State Fair is thrilled to announce the renaming of two deep-rooted buildings on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds. The new names capture the essence of the state fair’s heritage and traditions while accurately recognizing the activities taking place in the buildings.

Effective immediately, the Women’s Building will be known as Horizons Hall, and the Family Living Center/Tech Center will be named Midway Mercantile.

“The State Fair exists to bring people together and showcase the best of the great state of South Dakota,” said State Fair Manager Peggy Besch. “These special places host thousands of exhibits and hundreds of vendors during the fair and throughout the year. We are excited about these changes and look forward to the Horizons Hall and Midway Mercantile carrying us into the future.”

The decision to rename these buildings stems from a desire to accurately represent the multifaceted nature of their usage and to better align with the dynamic and diverse activities hosted within them.

Horizons Hall, formerly known as the Women’s Building, reflects the expansive range of activities taking place within its walls.

During the annual State Fair, it is a place for South Dakotans to showcase their creative talents through culinary, needlework, crafts, and more during the fair.

Midway Mercantile, formerly The Family Living Center/Tech Center, encapsulates the bustling and diverse shopping experiences that visitors can enjoy within its premises and represents the spirit of innovation, interaction, connection, and commerce.