Tigers finish strong in triangular


HURON — The Huron gymnasts opened the 2024 portion of their season with one of their most solid performances of the year Thursday during a triangular meet at the Tiger Activity Center.

Watertown won the event with a 139.950, while Britton-Hecla was second at 131.450 and Huron was third at 126.700.

“It was a very impressive night. I’m proud of the Huron’s Tiger gymnasts,” Huron coach Julie King said.

Cameron Ruth led the Tigers on the vault and the bars. She finished tied for the top spot on the vault with an 8.950 and was fourth on the bars with an 8.150.

“Cameron continued to shine in bars,” King said. “And our vaults were fantastic.”

Ellie Puterbaugh led a strong showing for Huron on the beam. She finished tied for sixth with an 8.200.
Huron’s lone senior, Eastyn Eichstadt, and Ruth finished tied for eighth in the floor exercise with scores of 9.050.

“We had four no-fall beam routines from Eastyn, Ellie, Eh Dah Paw and Alivia Cunard,” King said. “They also rocked on floor, with clean routines from Cameron, Eastyn, Ellie and Alivia.”

Macy Olsen of Watertown, who won on the beam with a score of 8.950, was the all-around winner with a combined score of 35.300.

Eichstadt was sixth in the all-around with a 33.450 for the Tigers, while Ruth was seventh at 33.150.

Puterbaugh finished at 30.350 to take 12th in the all-around, while Cunard was 14th at 29.350.

Huron will compete in the Patty Jorgenson Invitational in Brookings at 11 a.m. Saturday, before hosting the Huron Invitational on Jan. 12 at the TAC.  

Huron Triangular
Jan. 4 at Tiger Activity Center


Team scores: 1, Watertown 139.950; 2, Britton-Hecla 131.450; 3, Huron 126.700.

Vault (winner and Huron scores): 1, (tie) Kinsley VanGilder, W, 8.950; Briana McElhany, W, 8.950
Cameron Ruth, H, 8.950; 5, (tie) Eastyn Eichstadt, H, 8.650; 10, Alivia Cunard, H, 8.300; 11, (tie) Ellie Puterbaugh, H, 8.200; 18, Ximena Tello-Ortega, H, 7.700; 20, Eh Dah Paw, H, 7.500.

Bars (winner and Huron scores): 1, Emery Giakowski, W, 8.500; 4, Cameron Ruth, H, 8.150; 9, Eastyn Eichstadt, H, 7.750; 16, Ellie Puterbaugh, H, 5.700; 18, Ximena Tello-Ortega, H, 5.450; 19, Alivia Cunard, H, 5.050.

Beam (winner and Huron scores): 1, Macy Olsen, W, 8.950; 6, (tie) Ellie Puterbaugh, H, 8.200; 9, Eastyn Eichstadt, H, 8.000; 15, Alivia Cunard, H, 7.350; 17, Cameron Ruth, H, 7.000; 19, Eh Dah Paw, H, 6.300.  

Floor exercise (winner and Huron scores): 1, Shauna Evenson, W, 9.450; 8, (tie) Eastyn Eichstadt, H, 9.050; Cameron Ruth, H, 9.050; 13, Alivia Cunard, H, 8.650; 15, (tie) Ellie Puterbaugh, H, 8.250; 18, Ximena Tello-Ortega, H, 7.800; 19, Eh Dah Paw, H, 6.750.

All-Around (winner and Huron scores): 1, Macy Olsen, W, 35.300; 6, Eastyn Eichstadt, H, 33.450; 7, Cameron Ruth, H, 33.150; 12, Ellie Puterbaugh, H, 30.350; 14, Alivia Cunard, H, 29.350.