Track champions for 2023 crowned at MCS

Butch Knouse
Posted 8/14/23

Saturday results at Miller track

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Track champions for 2023 crowned at MCS


It was big night at the Miller Central Speedway, with big fields in most classes, a total of 87 cars on hand. An excellent crowd was in the stands and the evening was sponsored by Quoin Financial Bank. It was season championship night with the point championships on the line.

In the Pump N Pak Pure Stocks Jayden Michaelsohn started fifth and took the lead at the end of the first lap and held on through a handling problem to win over Andy Brooker, Wyatt Schweigert and Mackenzie Kopecky.

It was Michaelsohn’s 27th feature win at the Miller Central Speedway.

Point leader Cody Songer dropped out on the last lap but still had a big enough cushion to beat Schweigert for the championship, his second straight.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks had a wild feature with lots of minor spins. Jayden Bogh led the first six laps until Maria Broksieck moved from third to first on a restart and held off Bogh for the win and her second straight title.

Andy Rossow, Michael Bogh and Matt Goth rounding out the top five. It was Broksieck’s 10th feature win at the track, putting her in sixth on the win list.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified main looked to be a night to remember with 73-year-old Britt Williams leading the first nine laps. A yellow brought the field to his bumper.

On the restart two cars hooked together and a total of four cars went over the turn one banking. Matt Heinzerling ended up on top of Dawson Zabel’s hood, with Williams and Luke Johnson also going over.

On the restart Minnesota invader Shane Howell took the lead and won over Cory Berquist, Lane Johnson, Luke Johnson and Zabel. It was Howell’s second win at Miller. Jayme Peterson finished sixth to edge out Williams for his first point championship.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks had the biggest field of the year with 15 cars.

Jeremy North led the first three laps before Nathan Grehl took command. He led until lap eight when Trevor Nelson came up from 13th starting spot to run off to his 32nd feature win over Grehl, Stewart Schipke, North and Brad Kopecky, who won the points over Derek Zastrow.

It was the first point title for the Kopeckys, who have been racing at the Miller Central Speedway for three generations.

In the WISSOTA Modified main, Kelly Duffy led the first two laps before Dylan Zabel passed and ran away for the win over Mike Stearns, Duffy, Tyler Anglin and Garrett Gross. Stearns won his fourth straight championship over Zabel.

Thomas Weisgram led early and ran away with the win in a caution-free race WISSOTA late model feature race.

The real action was further back as Justin Karlen was trying to make up a four point deficit to Dustin Arthur.

He held fifth place until getting boxed in by traffic on the last lap, losing a spot to Denver Nickeson, which put Arthur right behind him at the finish with Arthur winning second championship in the last 3 years by one point over Karlen.

Thomas Weisgram won his second feature over Chad Becker, Curt Kranz, Chase Gelling and Denver Nickeson.

WISSOTA Late Model
Main: 1. Thomas Weisgram, Northville 2. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 3. Curt Kranz, Watertown 4. Chase Gelling, Aberdeen 5. Denver Nickeson, Veblen 6. Justin Karlen, Howard 7. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 8. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 9. Jayson Good, Watertown 10. David Carlson, Huron 11. Mike Rohweder, Aberdeen 12. Mike Jager, Gettysburg 13. Brandon Sprinkel, Pierre 14. Rich Thomas, Aberdeen
Heat 1: Weisgram, Skorczewski, Arthur, Karlen, Rohwedder, Carlson, Jager
Heat 2: Gelling, Kranz, Becker, Nickeson, Good, Sprinkel, Thomas

WISSOTA Modified
Main: 1. Dylan Zabel, Selby 2. Mike Stearns, Aberdeen 3. Kelly Duffy, Winner 4. Tyler Anglin, Aberdeen 5. Garrett Gross, Aberdeen 6. Cayden Schmelling, Watertown 7. Derek Hanson, Britton 8. Kamryn Arment, Aberdeen DNF: Kevin Konold, Clear Lake; Chaun Peterson, Aberdeen; James Hanley, Cresbard DNS: Dale Ames, Huron; Chad Becker, Aberdeen; Dave Brooker, Tulare
Heat 1: Zabel, Stearns, Konold, Gross, Hanson, Ames, Brooker
Heat 2: Duffy, Anglin, Peterson, Arment, Hanley, Becker, Schmelling

WISSOTA Super Stock
Main: 1. Trevor Nelson, Warner 2. Nathan Grehl, Hitchcock 3. Stewart Schipke, Aberdeen 4. Jeremy North, Huron 5. Brad Kopecky, Miller 6. Dominique Menzia, Aberdeen 7. Blake Whitlock, Watertown 8. Derek Zastrow, Gann Valley 9. Austin Arbogast, Huron 10. Luis Chavez, Aberdeen 11. Andrew Zastrow, Gann Valley 12. Robin Schmitt, Redfield DNF: Bryson North, Huron; Shawn Schnabel, Aberdeen; Bob Schumacher, Zeeland, North Dakota
Heat 1: Grehl, Schipke, J. North, Menzia, Chavez, A. Zastrow, Nelson, Whitlock
Heat 2: Kopecky, Schnabel, D. Zastrow, Schumacher, Schmitt, Arbogast, B. North

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Main: 1. Shane Howell, Buffalo, Minnesota 2. Cory Berquist, Huron 3. Lane Johnson, Miller 4. Luke Johnson, Miller 5. Dawson Zabel, Selby 6. Jaymie Peterson, Highmore 7. Jake Wranek, Sioux Falls 8. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 9. Jake Richardson, Gann Valley 10. Camden Rassel, Woonsocket DNF: Adam Brotherton, Huron; Trevor Ryan, Highmore; Britt Williams, Fort Pierre; Matt Heinzerling, Spearfish; Payton George, Rapid City; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt; Lorin Johnson, Miller; Jordan Kienow, Miller
Heat 1: Howell, Berquist, Lu. Johnson, Heinzerling, Kienow, Zabel
Heat 2: Williams, Brotherton, Peterson, Wranek, Ryan, Rawstern
Heat 3: Lo. Johnson, La. Johnson, Hoftiezer, George, Richardson, Rassel

WISSOTA Street Stock
Main: 1. Maria Broksieck, Goodwin 2. Jayden Bogh, Huron 3. Andy Rossow, Florence 4. Michael Bogh, Huron 5. Matt Goth, Huron 6. Clifford Houser, Kimball 7. Jodie Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 8. Grady Myers, Winner 9. Kenny Clements, Madison 10. Broc Stout, Winner 11. Travis Oxanda buru, Huron 12. Spence Pollock, Orient 13. Wyatt Brooker, Tulare 14. Brandon Hammill, Miller 15. Wesley Wulff, Gann Valley DNF: James Hoing, Kimball; Jace Baloun, Highmore; John Hanneman, Madison; Casey Carstens, Mitchell
Heat 1: Broksieck, M. Bogh, Myers, Hoing, Wulff, Hammill, Carstens
Heat 2: Goth, Pollock, J. Bogh, Oxandaburu, Hanneman, Brooker
Heat 3: Rossow, Houser, Clements, Stout, Michaelsohn, Baloun

Pump N Pak Pure Stock
Main: 1. Jayden Michaelsohn, Aberdeen 2. Andy Brooker, Tulare 3. Wyatt Schweigert, Huron 4. Mackenzie Kopecky, Miller DNF: Cody Songer, Wolsey; Gavin Walsh, Kimball; Scott Hoffer, Winner
Heat: Songer, Schweigert, Brooker, Michaelsohn, Hoffer, Kopecky, Walsh