County approves 2023 provisional budget

HURON — After extensive discussion in executive session regarding salary information, the Beadle County commission voted to adopt the provisional budget with amendments from the highway department as the final actionable item in Tuesday’s meeting.

The budget will be officially approved at the first meeting in Sept. Any changes to the provisional budget between now and that final approval will be announced through notification in the Plainsman.

Commissioners heard from highway superintendent Merl Hanson to open the meeting. Hanson noted that all chip and fog sealing is now completed in the county.

The department is applying for five federal bridge grants and a bridge removal grant.

Hanson presented quotes on a grader and received approval to accept a quote. The new grader will likely not be in until late summer 2023 at the soonest.

Finally, Hanson reported that while the new highway department building will not be completed by the early August target, it is nearing completion and should be done “early fall.”

Commissioners approved three plats and a variance request filed by James Musil to have a wine tasting room on his property for the wine that he is producing on his property.

Beadle County Equalization Director Kim Eichstadt talked with the commission regarding a potential issue with a medical cannabis grow facility in the county that has been operating without a license through the county. The commission encouraged Eichstadt to relay that proper paperwork should be filed before the commission’s next meeting to avoid potential fines.

Huron Housing met with the commissioners to discuss funding the rehab program that housing has been doing to request funding for long-term planning for the program as it is coming out of initial grants that got the program off the ground.

Commissioners discussed potential funding options after speaking with representatives of Huron Housing, but did not take any action to fund or deny funding to the program.

Kelly Thomas from the Department of Health met with commissioners to discuss needs at the county nurse’s office. After the resignation of one staff, the office has been struggling with the workload for one employee. Commissioners approved posting for one full-time employee.

The next meeting for the commission will be Aug. 9 at 9 a.m. in the commission room at the courthouse.


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