Heartland adds eight currently hospitalized

HURON — The Monday COVID-19 numbers released by the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) were the first numbers released in two weeks to not indicate more than 2,000 new positive cases added to the tally for the state.

The numbers did continue to rise across the state and locally, however.

S.D. added 1,887 new positive cases Monday as well as five new deaths and 831 new recovered cases. Active cases in the state rose to 36,247.

Beadle County added 23 new positive cases and three new recovered cases. Active virus cases in the county jumped to 468.

Beadle also added five new currently hospitalized to the county’s figures in Monday’s DOH report, bringing the overall number that are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications within the county to eight. The addition of five in one report is a single-day high during the time of the pandemic.

The Heartland Region noted 64 new positive cases and 14 new recovered cases in Monday’s report. The seven-county region topped 1,000 active cases, reaching 1,027 active virus cases. The region has not been over 1,000 active cases since November of 2020.

The Heartland Region added eight persons currently hospitalized due to COVID across the seven counties, bringing the total hospitalized due to virus complications in the region to 12.


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