School notes - 9-14-22

Buchanan Music

“Happy Days Are Here Again” say all at the Buchanan K-1 Center as students and teachers “Come Together” to begin a new school year. “The Sound of Music” resonates throughout the school as all students in kindergarten and first grade attend 30-minute music classes twice a week.

Students feel “How Sweet It Is” to “Play That Funky Music” on a variety of rhythm band instruments, xylophones, and boom whackers.

There is “A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” when students “Dance to the Music,” using bean bags, scarves, parachutes and stretchy bands.

The students “Listen to the Music” from a variety of musical genres.  It is “Fun, Fun, Fun” for students learning to read music.

In addition, students apply physics to the “Good Vibrations” when plastic eggs filled with rice called egg shakers are placed on a large, horizontal drumhead, and then the drum is tapped by hand.  

Children observe how vibrations produce sound. When the drum is played loudly, the students “Shout” with glee to see the eggs literally go ahead and “Jump” up and down with no one directly touching the eggs.

“What A Wonderful World” we make for each kindergarten and first grade student to experience music and “Joy to the World” for all the boys and girls. “Don’t Stop Believing” in those so many ways we find the power of music.

Submitted by Barbara Nicholas, Elementary Music teacher